The Stator of a Hydro Generator

Stator consists of Stator Frame, Stator Core, and Stator Winding. Stator Core Consists thin steel sheet lamination. The stator winding is made of copper, and shall be of sufficiently transposed one turn coil placed in double layer in each slot having uniform shape and dimensions, and is replaceable and exchangeable.

Stator core is built from thin laminations to minimize the transformer type electrical losses and of specially rolled silicon steel to minimize hysteresis losses. The inner diameters of laminations have slots running the entire axial length of the core for stator coils. These slots extend into each punching deeply enough to contain the stator winding. The portion of the core between the slots is termed the teeth area. In Upper Kotmale, laminations are punched as arcs of a circle and then assembled into the finished circular stator core. Stator core is made by Non-oriented magnetic steel sheet. Stator core class is 50A350. Stator core class: 50 A 350